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About Binary Signals Trader

Binary Signals Trader is a new and powerful binary options signals provider, developed by a financial expert, Simon Russell.

The guiding principle of Binary Signals Trader software is to deliver accurate binary signals that traders could benefit from. The software analyzes current financial market fluctuations so traders can receive signals in real time.

This signal boosting software connects people with the world of binary options trading. Binary Signals Trader is a free binary options signal indicator with carefully selected features for maximum profit chance.

Delivered on a daily basis, these binary trading signals are influenced by politics, natural disasters, wars and more. It is important to have a trustworthy signal provider that will generate trading signals and deliver lucrative trades. This is what Simon Russell has accomplished.

Exclusive Signal Provider

With Binary Signals Trader, complicated trading is in the past.

  • Free and Easy-to-use Platform
  • Better Account Management
  • Minimal Risk Exposure
  • Safe for Investments

In a few steps, you can create your free account and receive the best trading signals generated by Binary Signals Trader!

Binary Signals Trader Platform provides an improved outlook for binary options trading. The set of trading features is perfectly rearranged in order to succeed. Only our traders can gradually apply skilled maneuvers and expect rewarding scores.

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On Binary Signals Trader Dashboard, traders are able to see Brokers, Balance, Open Trades, Profit and Signal Alerts. Under Preferences, traders are able to optimize Trading Settings, Trading Amounts, and over 40 Assets.

You can easily progress with your trading if you activate Binary Signals Trader Premium Account. You will get access to additional strategies; Correlation and High-Frequency Trading, Risk Level and multiple Expiry Times. The key to successful trading is knowing how to utilize your signal provider to get the rewarding trades.

You will have access to binary signals in real time (short-term and long-term signals) with 24/5 of the live feed. For more details, please contact our professional customer support. There is no question that will remain unanswered.

Binary Signals Trader Key Features

Win-ratio up to 86%

Traders can achieve amazing returns up to 86%. Our binary signals are delivered based on monitoring the financial market. This signal software has high-win ratio due to its timely carried out actions on market fluctuations.

Real Time Binary Alerts

Binary Signals Trader users have enough time to take advantage of accurate signals because they are delivered in real time. These promptly executed signals are one of the main benefits of our signal provider. As a result, traders, worldwide, have recognized Binary Signals Trader as the ultimate binary trading tool.

Best Choice for Beginners

You can be an absolute beginner and still have amazing opportunities to improve your funding. Advancing is easy with this premium signal provider. New traders that join Binary Signals Trader are informed when to trade stocks and currencies. All they have to do is place the winning trade.

Software Developed by Professional Trader

Simon Russell used his expertise and vast knowledge of binary options trading and market volatility in order to give the most accurate prediction of asset’s direction. With Binary Signals Trader, it is easier to predict how an asset will react while influenced by the market fluctuations.

Experience Successful Binary Options Trading

Quality Binary Signals

Binary Signals Trader will analyze the financial market and provide the best binary signals in a specified time frame. The ultimate goal is to avoid the volatility of the global financial market and reduce the risk for our traders. Simon Russell further developed this approach while he was successfully trading, even during the financial crisis in 2008.

Safe to Invest In

The key element in the binary trading journey is to maintain a balance between profits and risks. With a good signal provider, such as Binary Signals Trader, you can utilize signals based on different trading strategies. This might lead to money gains without great risk exposure.

Binary Signals Trader Origins

When binary options trading appeared, Simon Russell found this type of financial investment appealing and challenging. He was immediately drawn to this particular trading concept. So, Russell focused all his expertise and knowledge in deciphering the best trading approach to become a lucrative investor.

He perfected his unique trading approach and was even able to achieve success during the financial crisis in 2008. Furthermore, Russell wanted to share this with traders worldwide and give everyone the opportunity to make a profit. With algorithms that predict the market movements and deliver trading signals, Russell created Binary Signals Trader, the premium signal provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Binary Signals Trader is constantly trying to deliver quality binary signals to our traders. Only you can take these signals and have a profitable trading journey with a superb performance.

What are binary signals?

Signals used in binary options trading are real-time alerts, generated in a professional and highly efficient manner so traders know in which assets to invest, and when to place a trade. One of the biggest advantages of this signal provider is that enables inexperienced traders to profit from the financial market without any previous trading expertise.

How are these signals delivered?

Signals are received through our site,, and delivered via simple and yet sophisticated scheme which offers traders a filter system of available features and Live Signals chart.

Do I need to download any software to receive signals?

No, there is no need to download the software. You get binary signals directly from your browser.

How much do signals from Binary Signals Trader cost?

Absolutely nothing. The use of these signals is completely free of charge.

How do I know when a new signal appears?

New signals are constantly generated on the trading platform. Traders get a complete overview of the available signals. Every incoming signal will be marked as a New Signal so our traders are properly notified.

Which assets are available for trading?

Binary Signals Trader platform has over 40 assets in currencies and stocks.

Which binary brokers are available on Binary Signals Trader platform?

Binary Signals Trader has several brokers available on its platform. Once traders make a deposit, they will automatically receive brokers which are available in their country. This way, traders don’t have to lose time searching for binary brokers.

Is there a Premium Account available?

Binary Signals Trader has a Premium Account that offers extra trading benefits.

How do I become the Premium Account user?

Binary Signals Trader Premium Account is available to traders who make a deposit with their first broker. If traders choose to make another deposit with a different broker, they will become Premium users as well. Please contact our customer support for more information.

How much does the Premium Account cost?

Binary Signals Trader Premium Account is completely free of charge for all traders!

What are the benefits of Premium Account?

Our Premium members get an opportunity to control their risk level, expiry times and activate additional strategies that will provide more binary signals and trading opportunities.

How many Risk Levels does Binary Signals Trader have?

Risk Level is divided into three categories; Low / Medium / High. Risk Level feature is only available with the Premium account.

What Expiry Times are available?

Binary Signals Trader has multiple Expiry Times: 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and End of Day. These options are available with our Premium Account.

What Trading Strategies are available on Binary Signals Trader?

Correlation Strategy - all currency pairs are correlated. In binary options trading, the strength and movement of one currency consequently affect the other currency. Binary Signals Trader is able to spot the correlation, predict a movement and place the trade accordingly.

High Frequency Strategy - high performing algorithms analyze the market data and procure the most accurate binary signals. The crucial difference is analyzing the right data for precise results.

Trading Strategies are only available with the Premium account.